Nozari Advisors is a boutique investment and financial markets advisory firm. It is focused on providing clients with bespoke, strategic, and actionable solutions.

Nozari Advisors manages a private fund investing in U.S. large cap stocks. The Fund is systematic and rules based and deploys risk management strategies. The Fund aims to manage tail risk and large drawdowns and is highly diversified.

Nozari Advisors also provides strategic advisory services for large banks, broker/dealers, family offices, and other specialty finance companies. Past assignments include:

  • Advising a large global bank on regulatory stress testing
  • Advising a large global bank on resolution planning
  • Developing a liquidity solution for a U.S. broker/dealer
  • Advising a large family office on a highly structured investment
  • Developing a derivative hedging solution for a large hedge fund
  • Developing a risk management framework for a de novo broker/dealer
  • Advising a private equity firm on investments in financial institutions

Nozari Advisors is founded by Ardavan Nozari who has over 25 years of experience in various areas of capital markets including portfolio structuring, trading, risk management, and funding and liquidity management.